Sent to The Free Advice Man:

"Keep plugging Infinity!" - Isaac Asimov, Towson, MD 1989.

"Thankyou Jean-Pierre for your advice, love and support! I have a sign in my bathroom mirror that says "SIMPLIFY!...say NO more often!". Things are really opening up for me and lots of joy and light are pouring into my life! Eternally," -  M., Boulder, CO 1989.

"I normally see someone.... He has never said anything that has affected me. I was not disappointed by our conversation, just saddened. But I believe that sadness is necessary and so it truth. Thankyou!" - T.D., Baltimore, MD 1991.

"Thanks for (what) you gave me last night. .... My warm wishes to you in the years ahead. " - Ray Bradbury, Washington, DC  1990.

"For Jean-Pierre The Free Advice Man, Take my advice and keep up the great work! In Admiration -" - Joe Franklin, Times Square, New York City, NY 1988.

"I appreciate hearing your views....thank you" - President Bill Clinton, Washington, DC 1993.

"Thanks for your great advice and allowing me to use your sign!" - Mark Kostabi, New York, NY 1988.

"You advice saved my life! How can I ever show my full appreciation? Thank you!" - M. Baltimore, MD 1993.





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