The World and Life today are increasingly overwhelmingly over-complex; and we are all at the risk of inadvertently ruining lives without actually understanding how and why we ever got into any mess we just happen to be in.


True Wisdom and Reason have never been so scarce and yet so needed as they would be today. And when we think of all the suffering that humanity, that individual persons, in all their uniqueness and infinite potential for good, have suffered because of horrifically violent conflicts that began with mere words, expressing false ideas, then it is easy to lose hope that we will ever truly merit calling ourselves Homo-Sapiens, and that we will ever survive long enough, as a species amongst other living creatures on this planet, to evolve into the very beings our souls must yearn to be!

Mel Gibson, I say; how has it come to this?

And allow me to qualify the rest of what I am about to state in my Open Letter to You: I was not there during any of the media-covered incidents when you, by your own admission, lost control of your temper and expressed things ( those which you have already admitted to, and not the ones you deny having said ) which, for the life of me, I cannot accept as appropriate from the mind of the actor who played the character of Jerry Fletcher in "Conspiracy Theory"  ( just to name of my favourites )! Even if what Mr. Joe Esterhas has alleged is only partly true, and I have no reason to doubt the veracity of his entire account; even then: what do you really, really want to believe in your heart of hearts is the actual truth about us Jews in general? How can you generalise about as diverse a grouping of people as we Jews are? How can you not see that the World is not a simple place where each group ( Religious, Ethno-Religious, Ethnic, etc. ) is a strictly homogeneous entity of people, whom you seem to think are all of the same characteristics? How is it that an otherwise intelligent and potentially sensitive person ( you could not have acted so well if you lack that capacity to be truly human ) can so easily fall prey to dangerously contrived and devised false conspiracy theories about those who too often have been victims of such horrifically defamatory, malicious lies and clever fabrications? Or do you think of yourself as too perfect to have ever been misled and influenced by people with very sinister motives?

As far as I am concerned; there are many reasons, some rather complex, others less so, for why you have fallen for a dangerous mix of half-lies, truths, myths, and BIG LIES; all of which culminate into an amalgamated Worldview that would even horrify YOU if only you had not fallen for them! After all; there is a very fine line between being truly righteous and becoming an unrighteous extremist and fanatically pursuing an agenda, whether somewhat consciously or not at all, that can only lead to one place, that can only arrive at one conclusion: TOTAL DISASTER!

Should we not all fear that, given how overwhelmingly complex the World has become, and how dangerously imbalanced things are as a result of  a failure to advance our common sense of High Ethics to match our technological abilities as a species, that we can too easily confuse confusion for evidence of any single theory about WHO is or WHO ARE to blame for the worst of things that happen? THINK ABOUT THIS Mel! THINK!

You know; having been the actual direct and indirect victim of many incidents of prejudice, including anti-Semitism ( the anti-Jewish type‚Ķbecause there is also anti-Semitism towards other Semitic Language peoples/cultures, etc. ), and other forms of irrational prejudice-born hate and fear‚Ķhaving suffered terrible things, I too could have fallen for any number of otherwise outrageous theories about WHO and WHY! And even now I have to keep reminding myself to be very, very careful about how I might fool myself into allowing others to fool me! WHICH IS WHY I have generally come to the conclusion that if it is ever a choice between a theory that suggests that one of the generally popular conspiracy theories is right ( e.g. The Rothchilds, The Fed, Woody Allen, The THIS or THAT ....etc. BS x BS ) OR that the World is actually a much more complex and difficult place to figure things out in, even for those who might seek to conspire; then I will conclude that the latter is more likely the case: that we live in a World full of otherwise mostly decent people, some of whom can also too easily be whipped-up into a ferociously dangerous frenzied wave of crazies, capable of terribly horrific things, all because there are also quite a few criminal opportunists at all socio-economic levels of society, including at the very bottom and the very top, albeit probably more so at the top! YES! I think WHAT is really going on ( don't you love that song by the late Marvin Gaye; " What's Going On " ) is that our World is a mixed-up place where, regardless of so-called race ( as far as I am concerned; we're ONE HUMAN RACE ), ethnicity, religion or religious background, there are hardcore criminals, thieves, thugs, real modern-day pirates and other types of criminal-minded fascists ( opposed to human freedom and the true inalienable rights of all persons ) who know very well just how easy it is to CONFUSE, DIVIDE and EXPLOIT, ENSLAVE and/or EXTERMINATE most other people! And I think those miserably lonely modern-day pirates and thugs, especially the ones at the top, know many very clever ways to keep the flames of conflict's fires just high enough to profit enormously from!!! YEAH! There may be a few fanatic, racist wackos from or amongst each general ethnic, religious, tribal group, BUT for the most part THE WORLD IS A MESS BECAUSE PEOPLE LIKE US FAIL TO PROPERLY AND SUFFICIENTLY UNITE IN DIVERSITY AND WORK TOGETHER TO ENLIGHTEN, TO EDUCATE AND TO EMPOWER OTHERS, and do all that without causing further harm to the Natural Flora, Fauna and Ecosystems  upon which WE ALL DEPEND! Because all we really have Mel in this World is You, Me, Everybody, Love, Life and The Mysteries of The Universe!

So Mel; I'd like you to answer me: WHAT'S GOING ON?!

Jean-Pierre Ady Fenyo is an Independent Philosopher of Ethics and other things who currently resides in London, England, and who has Researched Conflicts and studied the principles and methods of Non-Violent Conflict Resolution.  

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