I  am often asked for advice on whether or not one should be Religious and/or Believe in An

Absolute Physically Omni-Potent G-d. The answer to that can be found in this recent opinion of



Pure Scientific Logic: 1. Science cannot prove or disprove the existence of anything that is not Physical and that

does not have sufficient number of Physical Properties. 2. The totality of everything Physical that has existed, exists

 and will exist is Infinite in number, is forever changing in form and content, throughout Space-Time. 3. Religion

tends to feed off Illogical Thinking, Mindless Superstition and Blind Faith, and is not a substitute for Scientific and

Spiritual thinking. 4. If there is a Non-Physical Spiritual Realm...and one can only determine that through one's own

Intuitive Will...it certainly cannot violate the Evident Scientific Laws of Physics, thus the concept of a Physically

Omnipotent G-d is Unscientific and Illogical, especially since such a G-d would want us to have Objective Evidence

that such a G-d exists! Conclusion: we live in a very dangerous and endangered world too full of people who do not

 understand Scientific Methodology and who do not know how to Reason Logically! Answer: getting the world to

think....to really THINK....by implementing numerous ways to convey the Concept and Reality of Infinity and all

related Scientific Philosophical Reasoning should be the foremost priority. Jean-Pierre Ady Fenyo, Philosopher &

 Writer, author of "The Most Important Thought".



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