Principles & Policies of The Free Advice Man

The Free Advice Man, Jean-Pierre Ady Fenyo, as a distinguished Philosopher, Writer and Humanitarian supports, promotes and abides by The United Nation's Universal Declaration on Human Rights, The  Declaration of the Rights of Man and of the Citizen , The Bill of Rights Ammendments to The Constitution of The United States of America, and the relevant articles/paragraphs of The United Kingdom's Bill of Rights 1689 and subsequent Human Rights Act 1998. Furthermore, concerning the special theoretical rights of persons not able to afford a normal domicile which, unfortunately, are not being respected, The Free Advice Man respects those relevant passages/words that can be found in The Charter of The Forest, whereby homelessness is against the rights of human beings. It is with great  incredulity and disappointment that The Free Advice Man wittnesses (and to some extent suffers from) the fact that actual Fascist Political Parties and Fascist 'Ideals' are allowed to organize and act as they do when they are in actual full violation of the very fine, well-devised and essential Constitutional laws that supposedly govern The United States of America, The European Union and which make up the very premise upon which The United Nations is supposed to be based upon! It is also of great shock and concern that governments which are supposed to, by the very nature and principles of their Constitutions and Bill(s) of Rights, insure that no citizen ever need suffer the inhumanity and barbarity of homelessness fail to do so!

The Free Advice Man is an Environmentally and Socially Conscious, Educated and Well-Informed Philosopher who opposes all forms of anti-social and anti-environmental behavior and who abides by The Law  of Love (as expressed by Moses who was also The Pharaoh Akhenaton, inspired by G-d) which is this:

DO UNTO OTHERS AS THEY REALLY WANT TO BE DONE UNTO BUT DO NOTHING UNTO THEM THAT THEY DO NOT! (Persons who first violate The Law of Love of G-d can be defended against, even by legal force, if need be. In other words: if you violate The Law of Love those whom you have harmed have the right to prevent you from doing them further harm, preferably by non-violent means, if possible.)

Therefor, it stands to reason, that The Free Advice Man is opposed to racism, xenophobia, age discrimination, sexual identity discrimination, homophobia, male-bashing, female-bashing, hermaphrodite-bashing, eunic-bashing, asexual-people-bashing, discrimination against those who are mentally and/or physically challenged, capital punishment, ultra-nationalism, violence against defenseless persons, murder, rape, incest, molestation, unwanted sexual advances (everyone has the right to say "no" after initiating initial direct contact and expect the other person to comply and stop all contact, every adult has the right to politely express an interest in another adult at least once but not to begin harassment),  assault, forced labor, grad theft (petit theft should be judged according to actual concern for whether or not an individual would have risked death from hunger or illness or exposure to harsh weather, etc.), larceny, robbery, exploitation and/or abuse of children and minors in general, employment discrimination, abuse of the Internet for the purposes of denying people an income on the premise of a background security and identity profile check in such fashion that the individual concerned cannot access such information (which may be malicious, defamatory, untrue and ultimately a violation of one's right to have a private life within reasonable legal limits), torture, harm to animals not for the purpose of nourishment, endangerment of any specific species of animal by excessive killing or murder of such animals, any unjustified  discrimination against people who practice polyamory (not to be confused with male-chauvinist or female-chauvinist traditional polygamy), denial of the rights of consenting adults to engage in consenting intimate relationships that are obviously not maliciously intended regardless of how those intimacies are otherwise conducted (just as it is totally unethical and sick for adults to harm non-adults, so it is unethical and evil to interfere in the private lives and affairs of consenting adults...period!). The Free Advice Man opposes these and all other barbaric forms of misconduct, which do not deserve to be labelled as "natural human behavior" (because they are not!). The Free Advice Man is Pro-Unity-in-Diversity, Pro-Social, Pro-Environmental, advocates reasonable efforts at Non-Violence whenever truly possible, advocates the right to personal self-defense and direct defense of others whose lives are immediate danger. The Free Advice Man opposes Closed Societies, Fascism, Dictatorships, and is convinced that a healthy Democracy is one where the minority's basic human rights and civil rights are respected and upheld by the majority and the governing party's officials, where every possible means to insure that the minority side can safely exercise their rights is insured such that no one is homeless or without the most basic necessities of life, including the means to communicate with the world and to access the same information as the majority side!

The Free Advice Man does not provide Free Advice or converse at any length (with exception to being able to notify the youngster(s) about this fact) with people who are not legal adults or who are not in the company of their legal guardian or parent who will have first given permission to the Free Advice Man to communicate at length. And when the parent or guardian, who must be present at all times, does consent on behalf of their child(ren) The Free Advice Man does not discuss with minors issues that are inappropriate for their age. The Free Advice Man does not reply directly in detail (with exception to a disclaimer notification to this effect) to any e-mail or slug-post communication or letter if the person cannot provide adequate proof of their adulthood or if their parent or guardian does not do so.

The Free Advice Man does not provide medical or legal advice, ever, because he always, as often as need may require, informs everyone seeking his advice that he is not a medical or legal professional or any other such licensed person. The Free Advice Man always expresses his personal opinions with, when needed, the caveat that the person seeking advice should also consult a professional (in which case that does not fall under the aegis of 'advice' per se).

The Free Advice Man does not use his activity of providing Free Advice as a means to 'pick up' people for unethical purposes. That said, The Free Advice Man does not discourage fellow intellectual adults in any efforts to become platonic or, if such be the case, non-platonic friends (such experienced intellectuals are usually older than himself).

The Free Advice Man advocates honesty and truthfulness in all relationships, and considers cheating most unethical. That said, The Free Advice Man does not consider honest and caring open relationships unethical, for cheating is only when one engages in other intimacies without the full knowledge and consent of each every person they are intimate with, period.  The Free Advice Man takes a lot of requests for Relationship Advice and Advice About Intimacy Issues from fellow adults, and is an advocate of better solutions to insure safer relationships without having to limit human freedoms, including creative, safer, venues for active, consenting adults to be intimate with other active adults.

The Free Advice Man supports the right of conservative families to live safe from dangerous people (sick adults who would seek to harm minors), as well as to live separate, in their own communities, away from the direct intrusion and impositions of non-conservative people. What one does in one's own home and private property is one's own affair (with exception to dangerous illegal activities/acts). On the other hand,The Free Advice Man also supports non-traditional families and non-traditional family units where the single parent or couple or set of couples are truly responsible persons who treat their children with proper respect, love and caring, and who do not impose their personal identities on their own children. The Free Advice Man supports reasonable efforts to detain persons who are very evidently a threat to minors and to place them in special separate (distant) villages where there are no minors and they are encouraged to have respectful consensual intimacy with other adults only. As for those who have actually been found guilty of violating the human rights of minors; they should be sent to special prisons for their type only (mixed gender) and not released to live in those special villages until there is sufficient evidence that they are able to have normal, healthy intimacy with other adults! Repeat offenders should never be let out again, period. That said, no one who is suspected, based on serious evidence, of such sick and dangerous acts should have their identities made known to the general public until the verdict is fully in, for it is very unethical and harmful to society to destroy the entire life of an adult simply because of what turned out to be false information or insufficient evidence! And the hunt for real sick people should not extend to those alternative life-style or GLBT persons and couples who do not seek to harm minors and who also oppose such sick violators.

The Free Advice Man advocates the general idea of the Open-Ghetto as exists in Amsterdam, whereby each general type of individual, couple, family or other group of people (intentional community) can live in a neighborhood of their own kind and yet visit, in an otherwise discrete fashion (no need for discretion in one's own neighborhood 'Open-Ghetto'), any other neighborhood. Tolerance of tolerant others is what is missing in many places throughout the world, and the more we are foolish enough to jettison our most natural liberties, freedoms and rights in the name of so-called public security the more we are in danger of losing those liberties, freedoms and rights forever and the more likely that another equally abominable enemy will arise from within our nation(s). It is the biggest of lies to suggest that the only way to effectively fight terrorists and to prevent violent cowardly sick acts of barbarism is to agree to give up our basic human rights, our legitimate liberties and our sacred freedoms! DO NOT BE SO STUPID AS TO FALL FOR THOSE WHO USE BIG LIES! The Free Advice Man supports all necessary military action abroad and police action within to stop the monsters, and their brain-washed, inexperienced and naive young folk, in their tracks before they can do us and our Democratic Secular-Governed societies harm! The Free Advice Man advises every adult to read "1984" by George Orwell, "My Experiments In Truth" by M.K.Gandhi, and "The Federalist Papers" of Thomas Jefferson.

The Free Advice Man is a Semi-Auto-Didact Philosopher who loves to observe, study, examine and theorize about almost Everything (with the exception of Heavy Metal, Game 'Sport' Hunting and anything that glorifies violence, hate and insensible extremes, etc.). The Free Advice Man consider himself a Spiritual and Scientific Thinker, and a lover of Life's natural pleasures, joys and jokes! The Free Advice Man advises people to read "The Little Prince" by Antoine de Saint-Exupery and  to watch movies like "Casablanca", "The Day The Earth Stood Still", "Enemy of The State", "Enemy Mine", "Schindler's List", "The Fixer", "The Strawberry Statement", "Brazil", "One Flew Over The Cuckoo's Nest", "Bob Roberts", "Bananas", "Why We Fight", "Kooyanisqatsi", "Powaqatsi" and  other mind-opening films...


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