There exists another song written and performed by Jim Guynan and his band The Crackles (a UK band) that is about me and is titled "The Free Advice Man", it is based on me and an article written about me written by Robin Miller which originally apreared in the City Paper (of Baltimore, Maryland) in 1991. The song exploits my personality and I can prove that it is about me, because Mr. Guynan himself wrote me an e-mail letter stating so (I have the original).

I was under the impression, based on various conversations we had in the past, that Mr. Guynan had given me the green light to promote the song. Apparently he changed his mind just after I finally began to promote the song on my website(s). One can argue that I should get everything in writing, but a world where everything must be in writing is a world that can never truly progress and get better!

I am saddened by the fact that Mr. Guynan has no respect for my rights and yet demands that I respect his: he behaves like a relic of the old Colonial Empires of Europe and I find this totally unethical. I have decided to put a copyright on myself! If you are not part of the General News Media do not take images of me or makes songs about me if you are not willing to share in your success. There is a circle with a " c " inside it on my person....I reserve all my rights!

 (NOTE: The Music Video went viral in China and can be found all over the place...therefor it can be seen at The Free Advice Man Show too.)
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