Tea-Time with The Free Advice Man!

The Free Advice Man is a really serious Tea Lover and Connoisseur of Fine Teas! Seriously! From the Great English Tradition of Afternoon Tea at Four and High Tea in the Evenings to The Zen Mastery of The Japanese Tea Ceremony and The Fine Russian Samovar gatherings, whether it is Cucumber Sandwiches and Raspberry Tartlettes, Tantalizing Japanese Rice Cakes or an Epicurian Chinese Dim Sum with Top Quality Fragrant Jasmine Tea, Jean-Pierre Ady Fenyo, The Free Advice Man is wise enough to know that Tea is a Universe of Subtle Experiences and Exotic Delights! To be able to truly relax and engage in sensible conversation in the company of sophisticated ladies and gentlemen, of eccentric creative-minded geniuses and discretely sensual dames of the Ink-tipped featherly persuassion is one of life's most rewarding pastimes, the love of which marks the truly noble type of intellect! .... All that aside; there is probably no better time for a FREE ADVICE session than at Tea-Time !


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