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NOTE: If you are a Sociology, Anthropology, Psychology, New York History teacher/educator/researcher, or any other educator/teacher who finds these Audio-Visual documents interesting, educational and informative,you may show these Audio-Visual documents to your colleagues and students, but you may not charge any fee or use them directly to make a profit. If any of these Audio-Visual documents should be used again by the Copyright owners as part of a Compilation work or a Special Features element on a commercial DVD or
other commercial product then the items here may be removed and a link to the item for sale (that contains the full interview(s), which would also be Copyright protected, will be posted. The only reason the entire interviews are shown, at present, is because there is a chance that they would otherwise be lost to history and fail to serve the educational and other scientific, public interest purposes that they embody. The specific copyright holders have, at the time of production, given me (J.P. Fenyo) permission to use them for documentary purposes, provided that there is no direct financial gain and that I respect any future requests they, the holders, may make concerning these works. You may share links to these items, but you may not store the actual material without prior permission from both myself and the Copyright holders. As a creative thinker, artist, writer and intellectual I strongly respect and support, to the best of my knowledge, the principle upon which Copyright Law is based, because otherwise nothing at all of quality would or could be
produced, as there would be no financial incentive, no ability to survive, etc... Finally, the minute any and/or all of these Audio-Visual items become available on a commercial public retail basis I will have to remove those items concerned, without significant delay...unless I am able to come to some kind of arrangement that would help promote the Intellectual Product concerned.


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