The universe is not made up of numbers, because numbers are abstract creations that are meant to be the perfect representation of imperfect things. Except that numbers cannot perfectly represent things which are imperfect; they can only serve to approximate reality! In reality all existing entities are imperfect versions of what we idealize as their perfect form! Take, for example, a ball or sphere: it is the most common shape in the entire Universe for many logical reasons, but in reality not one atom, atomic particle, planet or star is perfectly ball-shaped! When scientists use near-zero gravity environments (such as found aboard the ISS) to produce near-perfect balls that is all they are able to produce; near perfect balls! Which means that even the most perfect objects fall short of their idealized forms! The Big Bang Theory is based on abstract mathematical formulas that are meant to ‘predict’ or ‘disect’ or ‘reproduce’ physical circumstances; but most Physicists and Mathematicians are forgetting something they must or should have learned at the very beginning of their studies: that all mathematical formulas can ever do is, at best, approximate the truth of things and events! They can never truly reflect or mirror what they are representing. Think about it! There is no such thing as a perfect corner in any physical object! Why? Simple; because the very ink that represents the corner of a physical drawing of an angle, triangle, square, etc. is made up of globules (imperfect balls) of ink! And every crystal with corners is also made up of globular ‘points’ or ‘edges’. In reality no physical form is perfectly shaped the way our relatively limited and weak minds want to abstractly (conveniently/comfortably) perceive them! All models of the Universe that are based on abstract mathematical equations are therefore imperfect and thus WRONG! And simple logic dictates that even fractals are made up of what we perceive as perfect replications of proportionally increasing/decreasing dynamic structures, but in reality no natural, no real entity, not a single shell, plant or animal that incorporates a fractal evolutionary system into its state of existence is based on perfect fractalization! Natural fractals are imperfectly formed. Artificial fractals can also be proven to be imperfect at quantum levels of computing reality. All that exists that is scientifically observable, i.e. Physical, is imperfect throughout all of Infinity! If there is but one category of entities that may be perfect it might be what we sense is ‘soul’ or ‘spirit’. But Science is not about observing, measuring and applying knowledge of non-physical entities! It is only about Physical entities, as it uses other Physical entities to ‘observe’ and measure Physical entities! The Universe is Infinite and all that we observe about the distance of stars and galaxies indicates only two possibilities: an Infinite Cosmological Model or evidence of The Big Bang Model! But we now have plenty of real evidence again that the Big Bang Model is an incorrect Theory, because what we observe is more about Tired Light (the Compton Effect) than Red Shift! Some stars and galaxies are actually coming closer to us and to other star-systems and galaxies, and others are getting further, but the Whole Picture is actually rather Chaotic! And that is what we would expect in a Universe that can only contain Imperfect Physical entities!  - Deeply Thought About and Written By Jean-Pierre Ady Fenyo, Philosopher.

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