"Those who do not have the wisdom to tolerate
the freedom of others are neither wise nor free!"

the words of Jean-Pierre Ady Fenyo
The Original New York City Free Advice Man
as quoted by George Soros, 2007.


"Weird is what makes America great!"

Jean-Pierre Ady Fenyo
The Original New York City Free Advice Man
as quoted by an anchorwoman at WBAL-TV News, Baltimore, 1993.

"Sometimes to get to the other side, where the grass is green, one must first find an island in-between!"

JP Fenyo, The Free Advice Man.

"Actually; most people FAIL because OTHER people FAIL to HELP them SUCCEED!"

Jean-Pierre Ady Fenyo, The Free Advice Man.

"I KNOW what You really think about me based on what You don't say and/or don't do! And You think I am fooled, because I am kind and patient enough to await the day You come to really Respect Me!" JP Fenyo, TFAM.

"People are so blind UNTIL the very things they fail to

 properly understand happen to them!" JP Fenyo

"Defence is important, but having something worthy of 

defence is even more important!" JP Fenyo, Philosopher

"Technology is only as safe and helpful as the society which

 uses it. While we are advancing technologically, in leaps and

 bounds, we are digressing Ethically! Without the highest of 

Ethics we are doomed!"

 - Jean-Pierre Ady Fenyo, Philosopher of Ethics.

"The Motional Pattern of Everything is Ultimately Spiral! No Wonder Everything is

 Always Spiralling Out of Control!" JP Fenyo, Philosopher

"Most things we can imagine; nature already has!" Jean-Pierre Ady Fenyo, Scientific & Spiritual Philosopher, Philosopher of Ethics, and of INFINITOLOGY too!

‎"ART is that which causes one to Feel and Think about ANYTHING and/or

 EVERYTHING without having to commit one's self permanently to that 

Feeling and Thought! It is like the shimmering reflection of a cloud on the

 surface of a calm pond or a cat that somehow made friends with a mouse! It is

 where the Unexpected becomes the Mystery that confirms that Life can be an 

Adventure, IF you allow your mind to follow the clues! " - Jean-Pierre Ady


"Without Bees we would not Be!"

 Jean-Pierre Ady Fenyo, Philosopher.

"Anarchists are as dangerous as Fascists! They deny YOUR rights in the name of Peace and Prosperity and end up giving US War and Famine!" 

Jean-Pierre Ady Fenyo, The Free Advice Man. (<<< A Responsibly Liberal Progressive Social-Democrat)

"The enemy of your enemy is not necessarily your friend!" JP Fenyo 

"Good FREE ADVICE is PRICELESS, because You couldn't afford to pay for it IF you wanted to!" JP A. Fenyo, The Free Advice Man

"I know a little about Everything in General and hardly anything about Anything in Specific. That said: One can Know The Most Essential Things One Needs To Know in order to Become Relatively Wise! As for G8D Knowing Everything: G8D, in the Sense that Baruch Spinoza and I Understand G8D's Eternal BEINGness, is unable to know things ABSTRACTLY...hence unable to know any details...BUT G8D does KNOW INFINITY ITSELF and G8D IS LOVE...that ultimate Sense of Universal UNIFYING BEINGness that WE are all part of EVERYWHERE throughout INFINITY! And that is one IDEA I know without doubt! Hence: Open-Mindedness is Essential To Wisdom, and it is not Narrow-Mindedness to KNOW A FEW GENERAL THINGS FOR CERTAIN! Otherwise there would be no point in KNOWING at all!" Jean-Pierre Ady Fenyo, Philosopher and Falafel-fer.

"FREEDOM is for FREE! And so is LOVE! But THEY want US to pay for it!" Jean-Pierre Ady Fenyo

"There are the intended consequences of what one seeks to do, and then there are the potential unintended consequences, which, more often than not, undermine one's real intentions and cause great unforeseen harm! The Truly Wise person is the one who is truly intelligent enough to understand the complex dynamics of reality, especially as regards inter-personal relations and social issues, and thus knows how to play-out in one's own mind the various logical actions and reactions, the various scenarios, logical consequences, that are likely to happen IF one does one thing or one set of things and not another! And then, only after such thorough internal visualisations and considerations, can one hope to have a fair chance at actually doing things the way they should in order to truly achieve what one really intended, rather than inadvertently create more and worse problems than the one or ones that one initially set out to solve! Such Wisdom, such foresightful Genius is uncommon and requires a person who is truly ultra-sensitive and yet ultra-considerate! Unfortunately, the problem is that most of those who are sensitive enough to want to care about the overall good and welfare of society are too easily disturbed by the existing World's problems and tend to engage in self-destructive forms of emotional escapism, and thus are unable to think Wisely enough! Thus society itself, usually not being Wise enough to identify the few truly Wise persons amongst them, tends to vote for and put their hopes and trusts in the hands of those who appeal to them emotionally rather than logically! And therein lies the problem of Democracy; for it to truly work the way it is intended to, the masses themselves have to be fairly Wise enough to be able to determine who amongst them are the Wiser Ones! And it is this dilemma that my Philosophical Method of Wisdom-generation is able to solve! Alas; I need a set of mentors to help me share my method!" - JP Fenyo, Philosopher

"You can take your Fake TEA and P Off!" JP Fenyo, The Free Advice Man (Re: they who dare to Lie For Profits)

"It takes a Genius to Appreciate Another One!" JP Fenyo, a Self-Confessed Genius

 "Each and Every One of US is infinitely Unique! Live Up to Your Self!"

Jean-Pierre Ady Fenyo, The Free Advice Man.

"Beware who you Ignore! Lest they have the power to get others to Ignore you in your time of need!" - JP Fenyo, The Free Advice Man

"The True Genius does not compete with anybody and knows that anybody who tries to compete with them is not yet a True Genius!"

- JP Fenyo, The Free Advice Man.

"Truly Sensible Capitalism CAN ONLY WORK if it is Truly Ethical, Quality-Oriented and Sustainable. Sustainable Capitalism is Social-Democracy! Without Truly Sensible Capitalism there is no Freedom, Liberty & Justice!" Jean-Pierre A. Fenyo, Philosopher & Writer.

"IF You don't use your noodle, you lose your noodle! And without it you're as good as poodle-stroodle!" JP Fenyo, The Free Advice Man

"IF you've got nothing truly wise and/or intelligent to say then don't get in the way of those who do!" 

- JP Fenyo, Philosopher/The Free Advice Man

‎"The NOW that was is NOW the THEN that was!"

 Jean-Pierre Ady Fenyo, 

Philosopher & Poet.

 ‎"Haters, Flamers, Thugs: I've seen them all! But in the end...they all do fall!" JP Fenyo

"I think we should think less about being the best or better than others and more about how we can support others in their efforts to become better yet!" - JP Fenyo, Philosopher/The Free Advice Man

"Do not trust any so-called Scientist who pretends to be a-political or has a reactionary right-wing political mindset! For there is nothing more dangerous than an Unethical Scientist!" JP Fenyo(( Whoever you are: please stop hacking into my account.)

"When people are insecure about other people being different they tend to feel justified in persecuting them! They don't like it Vice-Versa!

Jean-Pierre Ady Fenyo, The Original NYC Free Advice Man.

"Forgive their fodder for they know not what they doo!" - JP Fenyo

"Moderates of The World UNITE!" - JP Fenyo

"Most of the Elite Rich ... MOST ( not all ) ... force US to take or accept risks we never chose in the first place! How is that fair?!" - JP Fenyo

"We need to promote the Spirit of AWE!" - JP Fenyo

«Aucune vie n'est plus importante que la vie dans laquelle vous partagez les joies de la vie avec les gens que vous aimez et qui avait besoin de vous et de votre amour." Jean-Pierre A. Fenyo, Philosophe

 "My Not-So-Secret Motto: IF it really is the truth then be sure you can afford to tell it!" - JP Fenyo, The Free Advice Man.

"Most Conspiracy Theorists are themselves victims of a Greater Conspiracy devised by Violent, anti-Unity-in-Diversity, Anti-Social Fascists & Anarchists."
- JP Fenyo, The Free Advice Man.

"The more I learn about everything in general the more I realise how little I know about anything in specific! Nevertheless; by knowing more about The BIG PICTURE the better I am at understanding any of the infinite number of Little Pictures!" - Jean-Pierre Ady Fenyo

"Those who have nothing better to do should do nothing" 

Jean-Pierre Ady Fenyo, The Free Advice Man.

"A seriously good artist is one who admits to making occasional crap. Bad artists think all their stuff is great." JP Fenyo, Artist and much more.

"No life is more important than the life in which you share the joys of life with the people you love and who need you and your love." Jean-Pierre A. Fenyo, Philosopher

" Why should almost always ONLY the mass media moghuls

 get to decide Who YOU get to know about? After all; do YOU 

 know about me?" JP Fenyo, The Free Advice Man

"Love is the most important emotion, and 

infinity is the most important thought!"
Jean-Pierre Ady Fenyo
The Original New York City Free Advice Man
"The Most Important Thought" (1994, 2004).

"A Revolution that is without Ruthlessness is an Evolution!" JP Fenyo, Philosopher.

"G-D is LOVE! Our Common Soulness is a Part of G-D! LOVE is Indestructible & Eternal! There is a Physical Universe and a Spiritual Universe and they are Side-by-Side and where the two touch is LIFE! LIFE is Imperfect; as the Body Decays, but The Soul Remains For Eternity! Evil is the Ignorance born of the Failure to Sense and Apply This Truth! Think about this! THINK!"

Jean-Pierre Ady Fenyo (de Nieue "Bento")

"IF somehow you actually owned all the Money in the World it would be Worthless!" 
Jean-Pierre Ady Fenyo, The Free Advice Man.


"Forget about you doing to me what you want
me to do to you! Do unto me what I want or
buzz off!"

Jean-Pierre Ady Fenyo
The Original New York City Free Advice Man
to a Loudspeaking Preacher at Times Square,
New York City, 1987.

‎" I prefer to keep my Noodle Free for Free-Thinking rather than

 risk becoming a Walking EnPSYCHOlopaedia! " JP Fenyo, 

The Free-Thinker! 

"Though we are of different complexions of skin
our shadows are of the same shade."

Jean-Pierre Ady Fenyo
to Amiri Baraka, a.k.a. Leroy Jones, 1985.

 "Too many people confuse Intelligence with Wisdom & think that Wisdom can be arrived at by Thinking Alone! Wrong! Wisdom requires a Desire for Pleasure too!" JP Fenyo 

"Having nothing is infinitely better than being
a big nobody.

Jean-Pierre Ady Fenyo
The Original New York City Free Advice Man
to Donald Trump, in front of Trump Towers,
New York City, 1987.


"Those who are denied the means to do good will
do bad!.

Jean-Pierre Ady Fenyo
The Original New York City Free Advice Man
to Ted Turner, Washington, D.C., 1994.


"Tis' better to die alone than to be killed in
bad company. For a reputation lasts beyond
the grave

Jean-Pierre Ady Fenyo (before becoming The Free Advice Man) to Jean-Michel Basquiat
at The Pyramid Club, New York City, 1983.

"A truly noble person only engages in honest and respectful relationships! Any other relationship is either born out of dire circumstances and necessity or is the most deplorable disgrace and insult to the potential faculties and principles of humanity!"

Jean-Pierre Ady Fenyo, The Free Advice Man on all forms of relationships, 2009.

"Opportunity may knock once for most people, but
I leave the door open just in case!

Jean-Pierre Ady Fenyo
New York City, 1982.

 "Behind every less perfect copy there is a more perfect original."

Jean-Pierre Ady Fenyo, London, UK, 2009.

 "Not all free advice is good advice...and not all good advice is free, but my good free advice is really good and absolutely truly free!"

Jean-Pierre Ady Fenyo, London, UK, 2009.

 "Those whose dream lives are made at the expense of the nightmarish lives of others have no idea of how good it feels to make the dreams of others come true."

Jean-Pierre Ady Fenyo, Budapest, Hungary 1994.

"Those whose dream lives are made at the expense of the living nightmares of others are slaves to their own senseless lies and have no idea of how good it feels to help others make their dream lives come true!" JP Fenyo, Philosopher, aka The Free Advice Man; final version!

 "The main reason why we can never go back in time is because by doing so everything, and I mean everything, would have to change in the previous future. Obviously that's impossible, because there is only room for only one infinite universe!"

Jean-Pierre Ady Fenyo, New York City, NY 2007.

"I do not have a problem with the idea and potential reality of a Unified Spiritual Entity we might call G-D, but the idea that any one religion is the only true way to try being at one with G-D makes no sense, as G-D would have to be too cruel to fail to convince us which religion would be the right one! The very fact that there is more than one religion is proof enough for me that not one is totally the right one!"

Jean-Pierre Ady Fenyo, Washington, DC, 2000.

"Fascists by definition are Unethical Opportunists...there is nothing Noble or Honorable in that!" - 

J.P. Fenyo

"Nowadays I often find myself waking up not on the wrong side of my bed, but on the wrong side of The UNIVERSE! I mean; this world is NUTS!"

- J.P. Fenyo, Philosopher

"Happiness comes and goes as IT pleases! We should not seek to be happy, but rather we should seek to be FULFILLED!" - JP Fenyo

"Part of the WORLD is like a GIANT CLOSET! You can't even open it to see what's inside it without being crushed to death by what comes out!"

- J.P. Fenyo, Philosopher

"Those who do not do what they do not do do not do what they do not do, but those who do do what they do do, do not do what they do not do!" 

- J.P. Fenyo, Philosopher

"By all means ROCK THE BOAT, just DON'T SINK IT!" 

- JP Fenyo, The Greatest Original New York City Free Advice Man in The World!

"Part of the World is like a GIANT CLOSET! It's so BIG you can't even open it to see what's inside without being crushed to death by what comes out!" 

- J.P. Fenyo, Philosopher

"A Truly Wise Society is a Really Ethical Society!" 

- J.P. Fenyo, Philosopher


"People who are living in denial should get of denial,  because the crocodiles are likely to eat them!" 

- JP Fenyo, Philosopher.

"Just as sometimes one must walk further up a river's bank to spot an island close enough to safely swim to and from there to the opposite bank; sometimes one must go somewhere seemingly totally unrelated in order to get to where one ultimately intended to get to!" 

- J.P. Fenyo, Philosopher (alternate version).

"Life is its own meaning; the purpose of life is to enjoy the pleasures of living contrasted with its natural pains!" 

Jean-Pierre Ady Fenyo

"Funny is in the Mind of the Bee Holder." JP Fenyo

"As I am an Equal-Opportunity Self-Made Celebrity

 Philosopher, I am open to any and all reasonable suggestions,

 requests and offers. "  JP Fenyo, The Free Advice Man.


Life is its own meaning; the purpose of life is to enjoy the pleasures of living contrasted with its natural pains. Love is the most important emotion; it is the ultimate evidence that our souls are actually of the same essence and that we should strive to be united in our diversity rather imposing our own insecurities on others. Infinity is the most important thought: it is the ultimate source of wisdom and by understanding its eternally mysterious nature we become aware of how little we can ever know and how much more enlightened wecan be! When one truly understands these things then one is liberated from the chains of ignorance and the poison of insensibility. Jean-Pierre Ady Fenyo 


 Laughter cures the aching  and makes the belly ache!


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