Note: This is not a full list, and does not include dozens of radio and amateur cable interviews:


1. WNBC-TV Channel 4, May 12, 1987. One on one interview conducted by Lloyd Kramer, Feature Reporter. Aired on "Live at Five with Sue Simmons", approx. 5 minutes. Location of Interview: in-situ at corner of Seventh Ave. South and Bleecker Street, Greenwich Village, Manhattan, New York City, NY. This was The Free Advice Man's first ever TV interview. 

2. WABC-TV Channel 7, July 29, 1988. One on one interview conducted by the late Eyewittness News Head-Anchor Bill Beutel, infront of WABC-TV Main Building at 7 Lincoln Plaza, Upper West-side Manhattan, New York City, NY. Approx. 5 minutes. The cameraman was so impressed that he told The Free Advice Man that he had never seen anyone speak so eloquently on camera.

3. WMAR-TV Channel 2 (NBC Affiliate Station in Baltimore), Fall, 1990. Interviewed by Jamie Costello, WMAR News Anchor, Baltimore, Maryland. Appro. 5 minutes.

4. WJZ-TV Channel 13 (ABC Affiliate Station in Baltimore), October 11, 1991. Interviewed by John and Don of "The Morning Show", live via Sattelite Link from in front of Loui's Bookstore Cafe, a Baltimore classic (since gone). Approx. 5 minutes.

5. FOX-TV Channel 45 (FOX Affiliate Station in Baltimore), May 27, 1992. Interviewed by Cameraman Bill Sawyer at  Fells Point, Baltimore, for "The Evening News". Approx. 5 minutes.

6. TNN (The Nashville Network Country Music Cable Channel), June 2, 1993. Interviewed by Al Wyntor and a TNN anchorwoman (name not found) at Fells Point. Approx. 5 min

7. WBAL-TV Channel 11 (NBC Affiliate Station in Baltimore). Interviewed by Rob Roblin, as part of his "On The Road Again" human interest reports. Approx. 5 minutes. Notable fact: the WBAL-TV News Anchorwoman quotes The Free Advice Man: "Weird is what makes America great!"

Other  notable TV: WCBS-TV NY, Sziv TV Budapest, RTL-Klub, Budapest, TV2 Budapest.


Print Media

1. The New Yorker magazine! Article in the August 17, 1987 issue of The New Yorker's 'Talk of The Town' section written by Alec Wilkinson, Special Writer for The New Yorker. Article Title: "Answers", about The Free Advice Man, Jean-Pierre Ady Fenyo. CLICK HERE to see it.  The article has since been re-published in "Mr. Apology and other essays" by Alec Wilkinson, as a favorite Cameo (Houghton Mifflin, 2003). It is also available on the CD-ROM Mega-Set "The Complete New Yorker" AVAILABLE HERE !

2. Baltimore City Paper (a.k.a. The Free Paper), July 19, 1991. Almost an entire page. Interviewed by Robin Miller, Staff Writer. A comprehensive interview with The Free Advice Man in the MobTown Beat section.

3. The Los Angeles Times newspaper, May 19, 1993. Brief mention in Steve Harvey's famous "Only in LA" feature.

4. The Los Angeles Times newspaper, June 4, 1993. Brief new mention in Steve Harvey's "Only in LA" feature. This is where the media almost got things right and seemed to begin correcting the wrong caused by The Free Advice 'Ladies'.

5. The Afro-American newspaper, America's first, oldest Black owned and edited newspaper! July 10, 1993. Half-page long article (page A10) by Ursula V. Battle, Staff Writer. Making The Free Advice Man one of a few non-Black persons to be honored by the paper.

6. The Daily Collegian, University of Mass., article about The Dante Awards of The Rodin Academy of  YouTube Video Arts and Sciences, founded by JP Fenyo in 2010. (article here)

Movies & Documentaries






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